Has asynchronous quizzing been added as a feature yet?

  • 8 November 2023
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Has asynchronous quizzing been added as a feature yet? From my search, it looks as though this is a highly requested feature that users have been requesting for 3+ years now.

Even allowing users to view correct survey results asynchronously would be helpful if it is easier to do that than add this feature to the current quiz setup.


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4 replies

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Hey @fstoneking ,

Asynchronous Quiz is not currently a feature and is not on our current roadmap as we have many other priorities to work on at this time.

There is now the option to display the Survey Results but it will only show one poll at a time.

We will flag this as a feature request to show the need/want for this feature.

Let us know if you have any other questions!



I would like to also request for the option to create asynchronous quizzes. It will help to develop the employees which we cannot gather at the same time. I know you have other priorities but this one is also important for sure, as it was requested 3+ years ago and continue to be requested over those years.


I’d also like to request this for my eLearning platform

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Hello @GrowthCompass 

thank you for submitting your request. We are collecting this for our team and I will forward your request as well.