Is it possible to import questions and options into a multiple choice poll?

  • 16 December 2020
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Hi, is it possible to copy and paste the possible answers to a multiple choice poll from an Excel sheet into Slido?

9 replies


Hi @Hockeymom,

I’m afraid that copy & pasting from an Excel sheet doesn’t work because the copied data will be regarded as cells which can’t be recognized in Slido. That said, if you manage to have the data as plain text, this does work. You can, for instance, have the answers typed as a list in some text editor and then copy & paste them into a multiple choice poll. 

I’ve attached a quick GIF to show how it works.



Hope this helps at least a bit and thank you for the suggestion.


I want to create a Slido survey by importing it from a Excel file, so I dont have to copy each question and its options individually, is it possible?

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Hi @mbgalindo711,

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to import data from Excel to Slido. 

You’ll have to copy+paste all the questions manually.

We realize that this is not a great experience, especially with larger surveys! This feature is on our roadmap but we don’t have a timeline available for it just yet. 

I’ll make sure to keep you updated!


Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with in the meantime.

Good afternoon,


I just wanted to ask if it is possible to import previously created google forms questionnaires into slido or do we have to start from scratch?


Many thanks,


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Hi @catchpoler - Ross,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to import data from Google Forms into Slido. 

I realize that it’s not the best experience, especially with a large number of questions, but you’ll need to copy & paste your data manually for now. 


I’ll make sure to pass this as a feature request to out Product Team and update this thread with any news about potential implementation timelines.

Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with in the meantime!

Hi! Any updates on this feature?

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Hi @louis.c,

There’s no update, but the workaround shared above still works :)

I will pass this on to our product team.

Let me know if you need anything else 🤗

Any updates on this feature? It's super important and it should be way up in the roadmap!

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Hey @pkmoura ,

This feature of being able to upload your poll questions and options to Slido from an excel sheet or other type of data sheet is not currently on our roadmap. 

To stay up to date with each months feature updates/released please check out our Product News. If and when this feature is introduced to Slido it will be shared to those newsletters.

Let us know if you have any other questions.