Removing the Option of Anonymity

  • 11 September 2023
  • 1 reply

Hi everyone, 

I want to remove the option for participants to answer anonymously for a certain Slido event. I understand that I will need to opt for the Professional or Enterprise accounts. Can someone please confirm whether the Professional account ensures the default setting of participants to “Always Require Name” thus only being able to answer by name/identity or does it still provide participants the option to be anonymous? 

1 reply


Hey @Rimsha Kamran,

Professional plan allows you to force un-anonymous event. 

Participants can use any names, including “Anonymous”. It is also possible to change their name in the Profile. Once changed, the new name will apply to any previously submitted questions and poll votes. Please note, however, that if your organization has single sign-on in place that you access the event from, this isn’t possible.

I’d recommend to combine it with restricted access, that would prevent this change as well.