Who counts as a participant?

  • 12 November 2021
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Hi all, 

I’m organizing an event of 2 days with 80 participants each and multiple sessions. Hence, the intention is to buy either the engage or the professional account. However, I am worried about the limitation of participants: what do you mean with it? Given the several sessions we’ll host, these 80+80 participants would access to the event multiple times (probably with same device). Log in is not required for accessing to event’s, so I’m wondering how you count participants. 


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6 replies

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Hi @Pietro AN,

Participants are counted as every device that accesses your Slido event. For example if one person joins from their phone and then later from a laptop, it’ll be counted as 2 participants. However, if a person joins from their phone multiple times, it’ll only count them as one participant. 

You’re right, there’s no need to log in to Slido as a participant. You only need an event code to get in. 


You can read more about participants and the limits here 👇


Please let me know if my explanation makes sense or if you need any more help!

Thank you so much Alex, it’s all clear now!

Hi, does browser type on the device matter? 

e.g. logging in on safari then on chrome - does that count as 2 different participants? 

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Hey @nawee ,

Joining the event from 2 different browsers will register as 2 separate participants.

Let us know if you have any other questions!



If I invite individual collaborators to help as admin, do they count as part of the 100 participants?


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Hey @StaceyP ,

Guest Collaborators do not count towards the Participant Limits as they have moderator access, if they were to join the event as a Participant, then they would count towards that limit.

Let us know if this helps!