Merge your polls into a survey

  • 24 August 2020
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If you've created individual polls but would actually like to have them grouped under a survey instead, you can merge them with a few simple clicks.


Available from our Engage plan.


Make sure that your polls are deactivated before merging. All data gathered in your individual polls will also carry over to the newly created survey.


To merge polls into a survey:

  1. Select the polls you wish to merge
  2. Click on the Merge into survey button
  3. Confirm by hitting Merge


Once you create the survey, you can change its name and structure by clicking on the three dots and selecting Edit. Learn more about surveys.

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2 replies


Is there a way to merge polls into a new Quiz?

I can still use the survey, but I’d like to have the Timer and Leaderboard enabled to engage audience participation.

Thanks, Julio

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Hi @JulioTruGo

It’s not possible to merge polls into a quiz, just a survey. The timer and leaderboards are a feature of the quiz only.

As a workaround, if you didn’t want to create a quiz in Slido, you could engage audience participation with a ranking poll, which allows your participants to rank options in their personal order. You could also run a word cloud, which displays your audience responses. You could also run a Q&A to take questions from your audience, and answers can be upvoted.

Hope this helps!