📢 Call for Slido tips from our users

  • 25 February 2021
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We are so impressed by how creative you all are in using Slido in meetings! That's why we'd like to ask you for help.

Could you share your tips on how to use Slido during internal company meetings (ideally smaller team meetings)? The tips can be about your use case, facilitation, or meeting design.

Here are three questions we'd love you to answer:

  1. How do you design your internal team meetings with Slido? (I.e. at what points do you use Slido and how?)
  2. Do you have any Slido tips or tricks that work well for you?  (This can relate to the product, meeting facilitation, general engagement with Slido, or meeting structure)
  3. BONUS: Where does Slido bring you the biggest value during your team meetings?

We will be extremely grateful for any tips that you're willing to share. :relaxed: The more you're able to share, the better. We'd like to use some of these tips in our thought leadership report, either anonymized or attributed. Let us know in case you prefer to be anonymized.


Just post them in the comments below 👇


Thanks so much for any help! :green_heart:

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