Running the same PowerPoint presentation multiple times

  • 13 April 2023
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I am running multiple rooms with breakout sessions running at the same time with different presentations using quizzes.  I plan to gather an overall “event” leader board to drive some competitive energy throughout this event.  We are repeating the same Powerpoint presentations 10 times over the course of 2 days.

Please advise if this is the recommended procedures for the start of each breakout session. OR provide the best alternative.

1. Reset session

  1. Run PPT Presentation (using PPT integration)
  2. Once presentation end, Download results for all Rooms
  3. Repeat

Will this prevent data from previous session to be overwritten?  I can then merge all 10 data-sets to create a overall leader board.

1 reply

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Hello @Dmayorga,

This should be possible but at the same time I would recommend testing this before you actually run the presentations to make sure it works as desired.

I personally would create separate room or maybe Slido event for each round. Instead of resetting a session I would keep the results stored in Slido. Once you reset the session the results from previous voting will be deleted. In this case you would always need to save the results before resetting the session which could result in data loss if you also delete the downloaded file for example.

I would instead create 10 Powerpoint presentations and connect them to their own Slido or separate room but after voting I would run a new presentation with new Slido or new room to keep the old data untouched.

After that you would have to download the results for all rounds and compare them in Excel manually as Slido is not designed for merging multiple-quiz results. 

Also this use-case sound a bit complicated so I would definitely recommend testing it a bit in advance with some testing attendees (1 or 2) to make sure it really works as you planned. It will also help you to gain the skill with running so many Slido quizzes and Powerpoint presentations.