How to use Slido for PowerPoint

  • 24 August 2020
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Integrate Slido with your PowerPoint presentation to include live polls, quizzes and Q&A sessions directly in your slides. The Slido sidebar allows you to create and edit your interactions without ever leaving PowerPoint.



If something’s not working for you, please see the current limitations and check out our troubleshooting guides (Windows or macOS)


In this article:


System requirements


Make sure that your computer meets the following requirements so that Slido for PowerPoint runs properly.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or later
  • Windows 10 22H2 or later

If you’re a Windows administrator for your organization, check out our specific guide for admins. This includes more detailed system requirements, plus instructions for installing Slido for PowerPoint on Windows for your entire org.



  • macOS 12.0 (Monterey) or later
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2021 or later with October 2023 update (16.78) applied


Download and install the integration

  1. Download Slido for PowerPoint
  2. Install it on your computer
  3. Launch it

Please note: You’ll need to follow these steps on each computer you are using to create or present your presentation. For your polls to work correctly you must first install Slido and ensure you are logged in through the sidebar. If you followed these steps and still have issues, please see our guides for troubleshooting (Windows or macOS).



Open the sidebar in PowerPoint

Now open your PowerPoint presentation and you'll see the Slido button appear in the Home tab. Click it to log in with your Slido account.

Don’t see the button? Restart PowerPoint.




Add live polls, quizzes, and Q&A to your presentation

To Add a live poll, select an option in the sidebar, type your question, and add options. To start creating your quiz questions click Add a quiz. There will be a leaderboard at the end. To display audience questions Add a Q&A slide.


After you save your poll question, you can set your results to appear immediately, on click, or to hide them completely from your audience.

  • Show immediately: The poll results are displayed as soon as you get to your slide with the poll.
  • Show on click: The poll itself is displayed automatically when you get to your slide with the poll. Advancing one more click will display the poll results (see the GIF below).
  • Do not show: The poll itself is displayed automatically when you get to your slide with the poll. Advancing one more click will take you to the next slide in your presentation without showing the poll results.
  • Image polls: If you add images to your polls, you can choose to show the image and poll side by side, show the image before results or not show the results






If you need to access additional settings (eg privacy), open the sidebar, click on the event name and select Open additional settings.



Customize your slides

To change the theme of Slido slides, set custom colors or upload a custom background image directly in PowerPoint:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu icon in the top left of the sidebar
  2. Select Customize
  3. Select your theme or click Edit and select custom colours or upload a background image

Start presenting

Once you've finished preparing your slides and you're ready to go, start your slideshow.

The poll will appear automatically and the results will update in real time on your slide and on the participant devices.


Ask your audience to join

The poll and Q&A slides automatically include a Slido event code and QR code that the participants will use to join your session and participate.


Collaborating on a presentation

If you’re preparing the presentation with someone else, they’ll be able to see the Slido interaction slides as well.

First of all, make sure that you have the AutoSave option enabled in PowerPoint. This will sync the file either with your OneDrive or SharePoint account. You can then share the presentation with your colleague.


In order for the presentation to run properly with Slido, it is needed that:

  • The person presenting has our Slido for PowerPoint app installed
  • The person presenting has access to the Slido event which is linked to the presentation. This can be achieved either by requesting access to the event via the sidebar (as shown below) or by adding the person to the event in Slido Admin.


It is currently not possible to unlink a Slido event from the Powerpoint presentation, but you can reuse the event or add a new session to your presentation.




Switch session and/or organization


If you’ve linked an incorrect Slido event with your PowerPoint slide deck, you can:

  1. Open the hamburger menu in the sidebar
  2. Click on Switch session
  3. Select the event you wish to link with your PowerPoint (Note: if the event is under a different Slido organization, switch to it first in the upper right corner)


View analytics and download results


Explore your Slido analytics and export your questions and poll results by opening the Slido sidebar hamburger menu > Download results

Downloading Slido results



Curious about more?



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44 replies

Hi is it possible to add real time slido quiz into PowerPoint without installing the integration? Thanks

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Hi @Montee,

The integration is the best way to combine PowerPoint and Slido. Although it’s not possible to add Slido into PowerPoint presentation without installing the integration, there are other ways of using the two together:

  1. If you open present mode in your browser, you can then switch between your presentation and Slido present mode using either the three-finger swipe (on Mac) or the keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab (on Windows).
  2. Alternatively, you can use our app Switcher which lets you easily switch between any presentation and Slido using your smartphone.

Please note that neither of these options will add anything to your presentation, they are only ways of switching between your presentation and Slido.

I hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any questions!


I use Slido directly from PowePoint so that I don’t have to exit my presentation while presenting. In the past, I’ve been able to create a multiple choice quiz right in PowerPoint but when I try to now, it only allows me to create a one question quiz. Once I go to Slido website I can create a multiple question quiz but I’d have to leave my presentation to do so. What happened? How was I able to do so in the past and not anymore? 

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Hi @GQ_Jay,

In PowerPoint, you can only create one quiz question at a time, but they all add up into one quiz poll.

When you’re creating a quiz in PowerPoint, you need to add all questions one by one and they all have a separate slide. But this doesn’t mean they are all separate polls. When you open your event from, you will see that all questions were added into one quiz poll.

So to create a quiz poll in PowerPoint, simply add all of your quiz questions one by one and you’re good to go! :)

Hope this helps! I can see how this would be confusing and I will pass it on as feedback. Let me know if you need anything else.

I have created a poll in ppt and have added a background graphics, changed the typeface etc.

When switching to presenter mode,

  1. my customization does not show - only the standard white slido look appears
  2. the question and graph is not corretcly scaled, i.e. it is wider than the screen. text and graphics run off the right side of the screen.

Am I doing sth wrong or is this a slido error?

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Sorry to hear the integration is behaving strangely!

my customization does not show - only the standard white slido look appears

How did you set up the customization? Could you share some screenshots of what you see?


the question and graph is not corretcly scaled, i.e. it is wider than the screen. text and graphics run off the right side of the screen.

This sometimes happens if you have the Display Settings in PowerPoint set up to "Optimize for best appearance". Try the steps below and let me know if it helped:

  1. Go to File > Options > General > User Interface options

  2. Set it to Optimize for compatibility


Let me know if anything’s unclear :)

Hi @Meggie from Slido , thank you for your answer.

I have found out how to customize the slido pages with background graphics etc now. And you hint to change ppt options did the magic!!!

All the best

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Happy to hear it helped,  @Gerdf! :)



is it possible to present the quiz results for each question in real time on a power point presentation? 

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Hi @pawel

Yes, this is possible! 

Our Slido Quizzes are designed to be presented live and by default will present the result for each question on a PowerPoint slide. 
You can do this by adding the questions one by one.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Hi, I am a new Slido user. I have created an event in Slido and want to insert it into my PPT. However, when I click on the Slido button no events show up in my side panel (see below). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @bobreednz

You are not seeing the event in PowerPoint as your Slido event needs to be created with the Slido add in whilst using Slido for PowerPoint to link them. Once you create a new event in PowerPoint, this will show in the Slido sidebar. 

We have a great troubleshooting if you run into any issues and this article states any limitations to the integration. 

Hope these help! 

In my PowerPoint I tried to insert 2 live survey sessions on 2 different slides and Slido wants me to switch sessions? How do I insert my live survey’s?

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Hey @SpeakerSueLH,

You can only link one Slido session (event) to one PowerPoint deck. To be able to run multiple Slido questions in your presentation, simply add your Slido event and then add the polls (questions).

After you’ve added your Slido event, you can then add polls like this.

Here is the full tutorial for our PowerPoint integration:


Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else :)

Hello, I have created an event and added three slides with open text questions in my powerpoint. When I run it on my system in slide show mode, I can see the QR code and event #, which the participants can use to answer questions.

I have shared the powerpoint presentation with my other colleague. However, when she runs the ppt in slide show mode on her system, she is unable to see the QR code or event number on the three slides. What possibly is going wrong here? Thanks for providing guidance.


Hi @Kashif, to use Slido with PowerPoint you must install the integration on each computer from which you will be presenting a slide show which has Slido in it.


@Jozi from Slido 

Hi Slido team, 

after my presetnations I usually print a PDF version of the slides. WOuld it be possible to integrate the results of Polls and Q&A in the print-version and/or add them to the powerpoint if you end the survey? 




I have a Slido presentation that has already been linked in PowerPoint that I’ve taken over for my team. I am attempting to add some additional slides to the presentation to include the remaining quiz questions that haven’t been included in the original presentation. How do I do this effectively? 

I tried to duplicate the previous slide and add the new quiz question that way, but it ended up changing both slides when I input the question. I seem to be missing about 5 questions from the quiz - how do I now add them to PowerPoint so they actually appear for the participants? 

Your help is greatly appreciated! 

Thank you, 


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Hi @DeannaC

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re having. Would you be able to contact our customer care team, they’re available 24/5 and will able to look into what’s happened here in more detail. You can contact them via our live chat or by reaching out to

Let me know if you have any more questions!



I’m having issues with Slido in PowerPoint connecting to Slido in Webex. I have created polls in the slide deck, saved and then Share > File into Webex and the slido will not pop up in Webex.


Is there a reason the two are not connecting? 


Thank you!

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Hey @Bw2410 ,

When using the PPT and Webex together with Slido, you will need to input the Slido polls into PPT directly (as it seems you have done) but the upload PPT deck into Webex is not compatible with Slido in this way. You will need to click on Apps > Slido > Link the respective Slido to the Webex Meeting that you also have in the PPT deck.

As you move through the PPT deck via Share Screen, you will then see the Slido polls activating automatically within the Webex integration when you get to a Slido poll in the PPT deck.

Since Slido needs internet connection, there is not a way to download a PPT deck and also have Slido interactions working, it would just show the holding slide and not activate the poll.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Hi Carly, 

Thank you so much for your reply. 

Can you please elaborate on how to link the respective Slido to the Webex Meeting that I also have in the PPT deck. When I go to find the slido from the deck in Webex >Apps > Slido. It does not appear. 

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Hey @Bw2410 , 

Are you on a Paid Webex account with Slido enabled for your Webex Org? If you are just a Basic Slido account using Webex login, you wont be able to use the Webex integration.

Please write to with the event code or chat into us so we can take a better look into your account to see what might be happening!


Hello! We used Slido for the first time today during a large meeting, and one big bummer that we couldn’t figure out, was a way to show in the PowerPoint presentation the replies that the moderator was responding with. Is this not a possibility? Do you have to have a paid plan or certain settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU

I’m wanting to run a Slido poll on an existing slide because I want audience members to answer questions about what they see on that slide. Is there a way to do that? I only see ways to make Slido polls a separate stand alone slide.